Monday, June 2, 2014

Simple Symphony and and it's Alluring Alliterations

Hey chamber,
So let's not worry about the Sentimental Sarabande. We will concentrate on the Playful Pizzicato.
It was coming along quite nicely towards the end of last practice, so I think we can do a pretty good job with it in the concert.

Now, the movement does have a cute title, but I think it can use a little more help. Let's add these words to it.

Fierce Fingers
Dramatic Dynamics
Intensely Inspiring
Powerful Performance
Colorful Characters
Happy Happenings
Sparkling Sounds
Levitating Lightness
Creating Connections
Exquisite Ensemble
Emitting Excuses
Persistent Practicing
Practically Perfect
Positively Profound
Definitely Dance
Drastically Different
Sonically Spectacular
Casual Creativity
Pretty Pretty
Cuddly Cuteness
Ridiculously Resilient
Never Negative
Fearlessly Feisty
Pure Passion
Tremendous Teamwork
Alarmingly Attractive
Affectionately Addictive
Irresistibly Intelligent
Enormously Entertaining
Contagiously Confident

and the last three

Truly Talented
Always Awesome
Great Group

These ARE words that also describe you. 
Let's prove it.